Resource Updates

We are only 9 days away from Warbirds’ general release on DriveThurRPG. Backers of our campaign are already receiving their rewards, and we are looking forward to our Gencon debut. In anticipation of the release, we have updated the resources page with a character sheet, dogfight tracker and short Bestiary for you to download. We hope you enjoy the game!

Warbirds Updates

Warbirds is nearing its release date, and Steve is hard at work on website resources. When the book releases in August you can come here to find Character Sheets, Warbird Sheets, a sample character, and a printable dogfight tracker.

If you backed Warbirds during the indiegogo campaign, we are on track to ship you your book (and extras) in August. We will also debuting Warbirds at Gencon this year. You can come visit Outrider Studios at booth 1653.

If you want more details on the game’s progress, check out Steve’s Blog.

And here’s a photo of our first proof:
Warbirds Proof

Tour of Azure Video

In this video, Cait gives us a quick tour of the world of Azure.

More Videos

Here are our two newest videos covering the Strafing rules and Fame mechanic. Don’t forget to check out the Indiegogo campaign, only 5 days left!


New Video

We have a brand new video up on youtube showing how the Dogfighting rules work. Check it out:

Warbirds Indiegogo Campaign Update

Warbirds has reached its initial goal and its first stretch goal! Thank you to all of our supporters for donating to the campaign. On to our next goal: a WWII expansion! Check out the campaign at

Indiegogo video

Check out the video for our indiegogo campaign. You can vist the campaign at:

Warbirds is Live!

Welome to Warbirds! Outrider Studios is proud to present our latest RPG. Warbirds is a diesel-punk air combat adventure game. It’s full of high-flying action, interesting characters, and a fantastic setting.

We are now crowdfunding the game via Check it out, donate, and help bring Warbirds to life.